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Strategic Advisory Services

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A Global Strategic Advisory, Asset Sales, Receivables Management, and Technology Solutions Provider

Strategic Advisory Services

Receivables Management

The Patriot Group offers full-service executive consulting solutions to assist clients with finding hidden value within their receivables. Services include 1st and 3rd party collections, debt sales, and more. Opportunities can be found through modifications to the origination process, creating efficiencies in the recovery process or at a variety of other stages in the account life cycle. Consulting engagements are customized to fit the needs of our clients ranging from providing advice, to overseeing the execution of your strategic plan. We provide strategic guidance to navigate modeling, forecasting, due diligence, reporting, automation, and compliance.

Customer Care

TPG works with global customer care BPOs to provide intelligent, effective solutions that drive improved customer experience, training, productivity, and compliance. Additionally, TPG draws on its extensive network to create partnership opportunities for their clients with established, cutting-edge customer care BPOs

Merchant Account Services

TPG through its Partnership Program delivers comprehensive offerings across a variety of diverse industries. Our Experts have over 25 years in the industry, so we know how to navigate through challenging waters.

Through continued innovation and constant dedication our solutions and merchant education allow all of our clients flexibility and ease when doing business. Through our Partnership Channels we provide a full suite of merchant account services including pay-by-text, with the most competitive rates across the industry. The experience and focus delivering a superior customer experience, fraud protection, and commitment to our clients makes our solutions a trusted platform for all of your merchant account needs.

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OUR LOCATIONSPartnerships with a global reach
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